Commissioned Works:

Crystal Geode Caves Style

Everyone’s celebration is different

Gallery: Crystal Geode Caves

 What story is asking to be told

A gallery for you to explore previous Commissioned Art. Pieces here focus on a 3D landscape utilizing crystals and fireglass to achieve the look of a crystal geode and reflect the unique qualities and character of each person or family’s story.

Breaking out of Body: White Raven


3D Crystal Geode Cave


Resin, Amethyst, Obsidian, Pyrite, Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Fireglass, Ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

In memory of Christina Welker, White Raven. 1956-2021

One of the things I cherish most in my life is being at the right place at the right time and, not knowing so long ago, the day I crossed paths with Christina my life would never be the same. From the moment our lives met through the very serendipitous circumstances, she remained to me as the most foundational, loving and nurturing teacher in my life. She was an extraordinarily gifted Starseed child who knew she wasn’t from here. She communicated with animals from a very young age, she could hear the voices in the Spirit of the trees and stones and the wind. She was a medicine woman and a healer. She taught me the language of connecting to the earth though prayer and giving back to the earth what has been imparted. She taught me to always ask and to acknowledge those who have walked before us. On our field walks in the foothills of the  Rockies she would reach for her drum and sing to the plants. She taught me to listen to the plant kingdoms and pay attention to what plant spirit is asking to become medicine. She consistently stood quietly in the sphere of my life and loving guided and nudged me in the right direction. There are those who love you and then there are those special people  who extend heart and love when you feel most lost or emply, she was that person for me. She held space for me and watched my inner world bloom as I slowly began to step into Being. With Christina, came Meesha, a beautiful black Shepard that became my best friend and Eternal inspiration.

I am so deeply moved and forever grateful for your presence in my life.

A Dog Knows


3D Crystal Geode Cave


Resin, Pyrite, Fireglass & Ashes

Artist crafted Wenge hardwood frame

This rich contemporary piece is a unique and playful composition reflective of the family it was created for celebrating the life of their 2 fur companions. Quiet pet wisdom and the unconditional love of an animal can heal, can love, can guide.

We commissioned Tannis to create a piece to commemorate our beautiful angel boxers, Madison and Zoe. Not only is Tannis a gifted artist but her spiritual and emotional commitment to her craft made the entire experience a beautiful and positive process. From finding the perfect place for our piece, getting connected to our girls spirit and letting the piece take shape, she involved us in the entire process!

We absolutely love our piece and will treasure it forever, while we keep our girls close. Thank you Tannis!

Natalie Preston, Penticton, BC

The Dreaming Peony


3D Crystal Geode Cave


Resin, Fluorite, Quartz, Gold leaf & Fireglass

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

As the Peony emerges from the depths, it lifts its petals skyward reaching, dreaming & becoming.

My name is Débora.  I’ve been admiring Tannis’ work for a while now, and had contacted her a few times about commission pieces, and to know more about her technique. One day, I decided that I actually needed one of her creations, after learning that her work is entirely inspired and based on energy. My piece turned out amazing. It’s called “The Dreamy Peony”.

It is truly and entirely connected with my heritage, and it always brings me the most beautiful memories and deep thoughts every time I look at it.

I was very pleased with the whole creative process, and even more so to have met a beautiful soul!

Debora Pancheco, Kitimat, BC

Angelic Script



Resin, Quartz, Fluorite, & Fireglass

Artist Crafted Birch Hardwood frame

Light as energy is prismatic, it hold a spectrum and a quality of reflection and refraction.  Light as perception is much the same. Perception is dimensional, multifaceted and can take lifetimes to fully interpret how it behaves as one simple spectrum, yet still differentiated. As we gracefully move through life, progressively in the direction of our natural current, may your light prism become brighter. The soul’s journey is one of patience & grace.

On my 33rd birthday I felt the intense pull to gift myself something that would speak to me for years to come. I always wanted a piece of art from a local artist however struggled finding something that I could pass onto my children one day, a family treasure. I trusted Tannis to create art that represented both the season of life I was currently in and the one I was entering. My art piece feels like an extension of me and continues to change as I grow. You have to see Tannis’ art to truly understand what I mean. I have taken this personalized stunning piece into my yoga studio, to my bedroom and then to my living room because its just so dynamic and special that I haven’t been able to commit to its placement. It lives where I’m spending the majority of my time. I’ve never experienced such a transformational piece of art and I would recommend it to anyone looking to honour themselves, their family or dress their home in beautiful local art that is as healing as it is stunning.
Jessica Tome, Kitimat, BC

Ajanta’s Waterfall


3D Crystal Geode Cave

Triptych 6’x3’x2”

Resin, Quartz varieties & Fireglass

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frames

The light and colour reflected through the caves is mesmerizing and invites you in to a land far away!! A major statement piece for any home!

A Mosaic of Roots, Rivers & Shores



Resin, Amethyst, Fluorite, Fire Glass & Ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

Light & Energy danced around this piece revealing the magic of the story and strong connection to the Natural World. You may see her figure praying, leaning into the heart of the matter.

I was gifted a custom piece of art from my friends to commemorate my late grandparents. At the time I was struggling deeply with their passing. Tannis was sensitive to the situation and waited for me to reach out to her on my own time. When we got together to talk about my piece, I didn’t know her at all. Her kind demeanor eased me into the situation. We talked for a long time and in the end, she was a key factor in my healing. I later received my piece of art and I was absolutely amazed in how she embodied my grandparents and our relationship. Tannis presented the piece with a song that completely linked my ancestors and myself to the piece – It was an amazing experience. I will forever cherish my art and time I had with Tannis.

Laurel Tormene, Kitimat, BC

Shadows Cave


3D Geode Crystal Cave

28”x 28”x 2”

Resin, Quartz, Fireglass & Ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

Things happen the way they are supposed to happen and no other way.  Set your heart  free from any other notions, as the energy of the Universe is awake.