Heirloom Family Collections

Vilness Family: Cailen Speaks




Topographical map, Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted contrasting Wenge & Birch hardwood frame, bolted stainless steel corner detail

Graffiti is part of a special Heirloom Family Collection expressed through a contemporary interpretation of  graffiti.


I have worked with Tannis on two separate occasions, the first time when my youngest brother Ryan passed in 2018 and when my son Cailen passed away on July 12th of 2021. Tannis created a piece of art for my brother and three separate pieces for my son. Tannis so deeply becomes involved with the person who the piece is to represent. Her connection to my brother and my son was something I never expected to even be possible. The art speaks to us on so many level. It’s like Ryan and Cailen had guided Tannis to make the perfect piece to give us something that we can cry and smile about all at the same time. We are lucky to have the connection with Tannis that we do have and it has allowed us to have another way to remain connected to my brother and my son.

Chris Vilness Kitimat, BC

Galactic Coeur



Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted Bubinga hardwood frame

This electric galactic piece is part of a Family Heirloom Collection expressing the depth and wonder of the nights sky. Never stop holding an ear close to the beat of a heart, for that rhythm can take you through life.

Tannis created an art-piece beyond my words are able to describe. The Art-piece made for me incorporated my late (soon to be) fiancé’s ashes. Every time I look at the piece new colours and feelings come out. It’s more then looking at a picture, but a whole memory and feeling and warmth is created. Tannis was lovely to work with and I felt a connection as soon as I met her. Cailen -my Angel- had been connecting with her and I could not believe how much that combined with the words I used to describe Cailen made her create the perfect piece. I see him when I look up at the sky the most, and when I am sitting along the ocean listening to the waves. I feel him in these times and I feel Cailen’s spirit of gold. Tannis captured exactly that.

Jaydean Braham Kitimat, BC

Pre:Histori:c Winds



Navigational map, Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted 2 toned Wenge & Birch hardwood frame, bolted stainless steel corner detail

Prehistoric Winds depicts the connection felt through the movement and horizon of the mountains. Breath deep and make big moves!


My name is Layne Vilness, I had heard about Tannis at fire and ashes through my grandparents getting a piece done in memory of my uncle Ryan. The work she had done was astounding to say the least and the story behind it was even more so. Fast forward a few years, I got in contact with her after my brother had passed to get a piece done for myself this time. Throughout the process Tannis was amazing to say the least. She touched base a few times through out the piece just to give updates and see how I was doing. She had asked one day if a certain aspect of the piece had rung true in any way. The timing was too good as the place she described just so happened to be where I had tried to spread some of my brother’s ashes. When I received my piece I was beyond impressed with the artwork and the relativity of my roots, where the ashes were meant to be spread and so on and so forth. My experience with Tannis was great and the piece I’m left with will forever be treasured. Thank you Tannis!! 

Layne Vilness Kitimat, BC