About the Artist

Art as medicine

Creating art is a very sacred process to me that carries with it a potential for something new to arise in your Spirit. My pieces come to life and reveal stories, insights and puzzles that are ready to be heard by the listener. My creative process provides me with deep intuitions and insights that emerge via my artistic medium. I begin narrating the feeling thread I sense via pictures, sound, textures and a knowing. I then translate that into art.

I feel my pieces are stories of time; the past and future all wrapped into Now. One of the most important qualities I have learned as an artist is to be a vessel for what is asking to be shared and to listen and pay attention to the qualities of your medium. My Harakeke teacher in Aotearoa once shared with me while learning the Art of flax weaving (Raranga) “let the flax tell you where it wants to go”. This statement forever defined my approach to my creative practice. It allowed me to surrender the creative act to a larger, more connected place from within myself.

Energy clearing is also a part of my process which sets a container for me to create in.

It is with my deepest intentions that my work inspires rest in your heart and that it fortifies your curiosity to look onto the horizon of your life with brighter eyes.

I spent most of my younger years as a lone wolf combing the planet, traveling from country to country in search of things that ignited my identity. I sought out beautiful landscapes, music that transports, art that convenes with the soul and connections that would forever change me.

Life long creative pursuits within photography, textile design, leather work, drawing & writing, jewelry & silversmithing, silk screening, weaving, and furniture restoration assisted in developing a sound creative process.  After completing my Fashion & Textile Design at Frazer Valley University and my Fine Arts training at WhiteCliffe College of Art & Design in Auckland, New Zealand, I knew the nature of my travelling would go inward.

For over  20 years, I have trained in the fields of the Healing Arts exploring many streams such as multi-dimensional Quantum Physics, Advanced Shamanic training & practice, the Art of Ceremony & honouring those who walked before us, Human Design and ongoing meditation, journeys and yoga. My multi-disciplinary training in the Arts, extensive travel and Spiritual path fuel my unwavering desire to create more ease in One’s Spirit.