Art that transforms perspective

Commissioned Art


Your quote is based on the style you choose, dimensions and type of lumber for frame.

An option for a LED, switch lighting system to illuminate your piece is available for the 3D Crystal Geode Caves.

I ask for a 25% deposit to hold your place in the commission queue. Final payment is due upon completion. I will ship once I receive full payment. The art is not refundable.

If you wish to create a custom payment plan I would be happy to accommodate to make it easier to acquire a beautiful piece of art for your home.

I accept E-Transfer and Paypal.



I allow 2-4 months for the full development of your piece. I will let you know when I begin and how the progress is coming along.  If you wish to have a piece created for a specific date  please discuss the details of that in our meeting. I will do my best to accommodate given a reasonable amount of time.



Shipping and handling is not included in the price and I charge the actual cost provided to me by the shipper. There will be a package & handling fee applied to your order and the cost will depend on the scale of your Art.

Please note all courier companies do not provide insurance on Art. I take every precaution to ensure your special piece is securely and thoughtfully packaged.

Once I receive the final payment, I will arrange to ship your art via Courier or Canada Post and will notify you with a tracking number.

Gift Certificates:


Gift certificates are available. I will create a mini piece of art with the denomination of your choice. There is no expiry on it and it’s yours to keep!


If there appears to be any damage upon receiving your piece, it is your responsibility to ensure clear photos are taken of damage to the box and the art and sent to me within 48hrs of receiving. Please note that at times small pieces of fireglass and smaller crystals may loosen from surface of art in transit. If for some reason damage occurs in transit we will discuss how to proceed depending on the nature of the damage. I want a smile to remain on all of our faces.


The use of Ashes:

If you are ordering a Living Urn Sanctuary you will need to arrange for delivery of the ashes of your Loved one to Heart of Fire and Ashes. I will return what I do not use when your art is delivered. Please feel free to send a mini urn or a concealed container.  I do not have a set amount of ashes I work with, as depends on what the piece calls for but generally a couple of teaspoons will be perfect. If you only wish for me to use a specified amount that is ok too.


Care of the art:

When cleaning the surface of the resin, ensure it is a CLEAN polishing cloth only. Do not use paper towel or anything abrasive and avoid any cleaning products. To clean the crystals and Fire glass use a large, clean, soft bristle brush or air compressor. Because of the nature of the resin, you may find small surface flaws.

Over time, the lumber in the frame will lose a bit of its luster, please use oil to revitalize wood. I recommend Tongue oil is best.

Please keep art away from heat sources.

Hanging the art/French Cleat System:

Once your piece arrives, set it in different areas of your space over the course of a week to see how the art reflects the light. It will change personalities and will reveal unique qualities and textures depending on the time of day.

I recommend hiring a professional to hang your art for safety and security. If you are confidant in your handy skills please feel free to use these steps as a guideline only. Heart of Fire & Ashes will not be responsible for any damage or injury incurred in the hanging of your art.

To anchor the wall portion of your cleat locate a wall stud (s). Once stud(s) is found place cleat angled portion facing upward on desired location, put screw in predrilled hole (s) and fasten securely to stud.  Once the cleat (s) are in place, take your art and hang. Push down slightly to ensure cleat system is locked in.