The Raw Materials

Fire is my paintbrush

Each piece is 100% hand crafted by me in my woodshop,

Resined in my studio,

And photographed in just the right light to capture the lustre & sheen of the Mica.

Resin and exotic & local Hardwoods


I use premium quality, UV protected, BFA free Resin in all my pieces. I have always had a passion and an appreciation for beautiful lumber. I want each piece to exude quality and to be personalized from top to bottom. I specifically choose my lumber for quality and aesthetic. I cut, plane, grind, rotor, glue, clamp and sand each individual frame. The richness and character of the 2” profile of the frame compliments the glossy, contemporary nature of the surface of the resin.

Lumber Choices

Prices of lumber vary and all lumber is subject to availability.

1)Birch -Light blond, Local hard wood

2)Purple Heart– Deep rich plum purple colour, exotic

3)Blood wood– Rust orange, earth tone, exotic

4)Bubinga– textured wood grain, slight rose,  lots of character, exotic

5)Wenge– Deep rich black & brown texture, exotic


Purple Heart

Blood Wood



Crystals & Minerals

Crystals and minerals emit healing qualities and may bring an energizing vitality or calming presence to your space. I intuitively choose each crystal I work with and recharge them before I work with them. I use varieties such as Quartz variations, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds, Fluorites, Tourmaline, Pyrite and Obsidian to name a few.


Rich interference mica powders paired with the reflective nature of fireglass and the sparkle of crystals are sure to draw the eye for a superbly textural landscape of opulence.

Reclamation of Materials


the act of process of reclaiming: such as a : reformation, rehabilitation b: restoration to use; recovery

I am passionate about reclaiming and renaming what others discard. It is the artist in me. I see potential and use what is already there. I am very inspired by this and incorporating sustainable & responsible recycling practices show up in my furniture restoration projects, reclaimed wood as canvasses & framing material, screws, packaging, hardware, paints and other objects of inspiration when suitable for the project. It is my way of giving back to the earth by taking away something that someone discarded.