“Healing is in the medicine we cannot see” -Bobbi Vogel

I commissioned Tannis because we worked together briefly in the past and I “felt” the energy radiating from her. Our paths both went in different directions but her work kept popping up in my Facebook feed. I dabbled in art many years ago but my medium was different. I’ve had the deep desire to find a piece that spoke to me for the last few years and just couldn’t find it. The more I thought about it, the more often her work kept showing up on my feed, so I contacted her. We met up and spent quite a while talking and reconnecting. Little did I know that we connected on a different level. Then one day, my beautiful piece was done.

She read something so deep in me that was from my past that I’ve carried with me for so long that I didn’t even know that it existed. The Fault Line was the most incredible beginning to a closure that I can’t even explain. Thank you Tannis, you healed me in levels that I didn’t even know existed. This piece dances and changes depending on the light and the angle that you look at it. It tells a story of a beginning, a middle and a closure. But MOST importantly, it’s a REBIRTH to a new beginning! When the light hits this beauty in just the right way, there is a hidden treasure and energy that emerges that fills my soul. 

Tannis, your work is more than incredible and beautiful art. The textures, the depth, the colours, the stories, and the healings.

You and your work are true gifts! 💕

Shannon Johnson, Kitimat, BC

If there was one thing I could take from my home in a moments notice, that was not a family member or a pet, I would have to say it would be this incredible piece of art that Tannis put her heart, soul, and energy into creating. To know that my Mother and Father are together again in this piece, and that every time I look at it, it brings me such peace and calms my anxious heart. I couldn’t have imagined this to turn out the way it did. Tannis spent one on one time with me, listening to my story about my loss, offering suggestions about what she could do and listened carefully to my wants and hopes for this piece. She took all that away with her and created something I will treasure for the rest of my life and can pass down to my son and his family for generations to come. It’s so beautiful, and so very special, so much better than ashes in a box! Thank you so much Tannis, you are truly an amazing person and a very talented artist!

Calvin Howe, Kitimat, BC

There are very few people whose souls exude understanding, empathy, compassion and are an avenue of light for the loves in our lives that we have lost here on earth.  Tannis is one of those souls. I lost my son in a motorcycle accident at the early age of 34 this past year.  Losing a child is having your heart ripped out and a bottomless black void now exists.  I ached with grief to know that he was okay.  Tannis was that avenue of light that let Michael talk to me. Tannis was commissioned to do 3 pieces for my family.  One for Michael’s wife, one for my other son and one for myself.  She truly heard Michael and each piece reflected Michael’s love, relationship and message to each of us.  My husband’s ashes were also incorporated into my son’s and my piece.  Without her knowing Michael came to me as a hawk and in my piece is an outline of a hawk.  My other son’s piece from Michael was called sediment.  Tannis had no previous knowledge of the fact that my other son is a geologist.  Her professionalism, compassion and energy in these pieces has brought peace to us through this tragic time.  On the way to hopefully finding some sort of peace and acceptance of my and my family’s loss Tannis has been an angel.

Lee Ann Courtney, Telkwa, BC

I have worked with Tannis on two separate occasions, the first time when my youngest brother Ryan passed in 2018 and when my son Cailen passed away on July 12th of 2021. Tannis created a piece of art for my brother and three separate pieces for my son. Tannis so deeply becomes involved with the person who the piece is to represent. Her connection to my brother and my son was something I never expected to even be possible. The art speaks to us on so many level. It’s like Ryan and Cailen had guided Tannis to make the perfect piece to give us something that we can cry and smile about all at the same time. We are lucky to have the connection with Tannis that we do have and it has allowed us to have another way to remain connected to my brother and my son.

Chris Vilness, Kitimat, BC

I had the pleasure of working with Tannis to create my one of a kind piece of art. She patiently and thoughtfully considered me, my story and my passions. What she created exceeded my expectations. She captured my love for my son in such a beautiful way, words cannot explain it. The experience from start to finish was wonderful. The beauty of the piece speaks for itself, add the handmade frame with embossed logo…every detail is special. I will treasure this piece forever and each time I look at it, I smile-inside and out. Thank you, Tannis

Karen Leduc Garner, Renton, WA

I was gifted a custom piece of art from my friends to commemorate my late grandparents. At the time I was struggling deeply with their passing. Tannis was sensitive to the situation and waited for me to reach out to her on my own time. When we got together to talk about my piece, I didn’t know her at all. Her kind demeanor eased me into the situation. We talked for a long time and in the end, she was a key factor in my healing. I later received my piece of art and I was absolutely amazed in how she embodied my grandparents and our relationship. Tannis presented the piece with a song that completely linked my ancestors and myself to the piece – It was an amazing experience. I will forever cherish my art and time I had with Tannis.

Laurel Tormene, Kitimat, BC

On my 33rd birthday I felt the intense pull to gift myself something that would speak to me for years to come. I always wanted a piece of art from a local artist however struggled finding something that I could pass onto my children one day, a family treasure. I trusted Tannis to create art that represented both the season of life I was currently in and the one I was entering. My art piece feels like an extension of me and continues to change as I grow. You have to see Tannis’ art to truly understand what I mean. I have taken this personalized stunning piece into my yoga studio, to my bedroom and then to my living room because its just so dynamic and special that I haven’t been able to commit to its placement. It lives where I’m spending the majority of my time. I’ve never experienced such a transformational piece of art and I would recommend it to anyone looking to honour themselves, their family or dress their home in beautiful local art that is as healing as it is stunning.

Jessica Tome, Kitimat, BC

Tannis’ work is beyond what words are capable of describing. When I discovered her work, I knew immediately that I would be working with her in some capacity. When my beloved best [kitty] friend transitioned, I knew Tannis was the only person I would consider to help transform her expression into something I could keep with me for the rest of this lifetime. The process was intuitive, filled with beauty, lots of tears, and a caring vulnerability that I am confident only Tannis could embody. I have known Tannis for many years and have always been impressed with her expression. This experience with her highlighted her ability to co-create something truly special. I strongly believe anyone who works with her will be pleasantly surprised with the energetic exchange that happens during the process of co-creation. A simple thank you will never be enough to fully express my gratitude for this experience.

Lex Cooper, USA

My name is Layne Vilness, I had heard about Tannis at Heart of Fire and Ashes through my grandparents getting a piece done in memory of my uncle Ryan. The work she had done was astounding to say the least and the story behind it was even more so. Fast forward a few years, I got in contact with her after my brother had passed to get a piece done for myself this time. Throughout the process Tannis was amazing to say the least. She touched base a few times through out the piece just to give updates and see how I was doing. She had asked one day if a certain aspect of the piece had rung true in any way. The timing was too good as the place she described just so happened to be where i had tried to spread some of my brother’s ashes. When I received my piece I was beyond impressed with the artwork and the relativity of my roots, where the ashes were meant to be spread and so on and so forth. My experience with Tannis was great and the piece I’m left with will forever be treasured. Thank you Tannis!!

Layne Vilness, Kitimat, BC

This was the first piece of intuitive art I had ever purchased. I wanted a piece that reflected the dynamics of my family so Tannis and I discussed the colors I felt encapsulated my family members and the feelings I wanted the piece to capture … love, strength, resilience, and compassion.

We opened it on Christmas morning and we fell in love with what we saw. Our piece invited us to lose ourselves in the movement and depths of the gorgeous colors.

It hangs above our kitchen table and we enjoy it every day. I love when people visit our house and are drawn to this piece. They study it and everyone sees something different inside the colors and shapes.

Alyson Byrne, Kitimat, BC

We commissioned Tannis to create a piece to commemorate our beautiful angel boxers, Madison and Zoe. Not only is Tannis a gifted artist but her spiritual and emotional commitment to her craft made the entire experience a beautiful and positive process. From finding the perfect place for our piece, getting connected to our girls spirit and letting the piece take shape, she involved in the entire process!

We absolutely love our piece and will treasure it forever, while we keep our girls close. Thank you Tannis!

Natalie Preston, Penticton, BC

I want to start by saying meeting Tannis was a real pleasure. When she talked about her resin paintings and that she used ashes of loved ones, I was very interested. I knew I wanted a painting with my parent’s ashes. We sat down and we talked and I gave her things I wanted it to have in it -pearls cuff links and a rose. She worked her magic and I can’t say enough about the beautiful painting she made!! Every time I look at it, I smile. She has an amazing talent; I’m blessed to have met her.

Kim Amado, Kitimat, BC

Tannis mentioned her idea of turning ashes into art. I could keep my dog’s ashes hidden away in a box or someone was willing to turn that little box that was always out of sight into something even more special. I didn’t ask for specifics as Tannis is very good at energy reading. I was speechless when she showed me my painting. The colors, the details, the story she felt behind it. It was perfect and one of a kind. Not only is it proudly displayed in front of my door but it also reminds me of the good memories every day when I come back home. The thought of owning custom art is cool but this is custom art to another level, it’s meaningful art.

Juliana Angelo, Terrace, BC

My name is Débora.  I’ve been admiring Tannis’ work for a while now, and had contacted her a few times about commission pieces, and to know more about her technique. One day, I decided that I actually needed one of her creations, after learning that her work is entirely inspired and based on energy. My piece turned out amazing. It’s called “The Dreamy Peony”.

It is truly and entirely connected with my heritage, and it always brings me the most beautiful memories and deep thoughts every time I look at it.

I was very pleased with the whole creative process, and even more so to have met a beautiful soul!

Debora Pancheco, Kitimat, BC

First off, I absolutely love the piece that Tannis created for me. I saw some of her work on instagram and was blown away and couldn’t wait to commission a piece for my home. I only gave her limited direction, in terms of color and vibe (Haida Gwaii) and she created exactly something better than I imagined myself. Almost twenty years ago we worked together at a fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii so I knew she understood the spirit of what I envisioned and I was fully confident her talents would make it come to life…and I was right!

Heidi Havedale, Delta, BC

Tannis created an art-piece beyond my words are able to describe. The Art-piece made for me incorporated my late (soon to be) fiancé’s ashes. Every time I look at the piece new colours and feelings come out. It’s more then looking at a picture, but a whole memory and feeling and warmth is created. Tannis was lovely to work with and I felt a connection as soon as I met her. Cailen -my Angel- had been connecting with her and I could not believe how much that combined with the words I used to describe Cailen made her create the perfect piece. I see him when I look up at the sky the most, and when I am sitting along the ocean listening to the waves. I feel him in these times and I feel Cailen’s spirit of gold. Tannis captured exactly that.

Jaydean Braham, Kitimat, BC

I met Tannis at my boyfriend’s office. She did a piece for him with a map of of New Zealand on it. I started following her on Instagram and loved every piece she made.

After our trip to Hawaii I new I wanted my own artwork representing our trip with a map of Hawaii in it. She went over and above to figure out where to get a map and apply it to the canvas. Every person that comes into my home always complements us on the artwork and ask where it’s from.

It’s a nice reminder of a place I love so much every time I look at the artwork.

Natalie Russ, Kitimat, BC