Heart of Fire and Ashes

Art with Purpose

by Tannis Seufert

Celebrations uplift

Celebrating & being grateful for what we have and who we are is one of the most powerful things we can do. Through the act of Celebration, we begin to honour the many forms our life may take with our family, our accomplishments or overcoming adversity.

Heart of Fire and Ashes would be honoured to create a unique piece of art for your home or space to reflect the nature of your journey. Celebrations come in many forms- Anniversaries & Weddings, Milestones, Celebrations of Life, Birthdays and so much more.


Let’s Celebrate Your Loved Ones Life with Art.

“If there was one thing I could take from my home in a moments notice, that was not a family member or a pet, I would have to say it would be this incredible piece of art that Tannis put her heart, soul, and energy into creating. To know that my Mother and Father are together again in this piece, and that every time I look at it, it brings me such peace and calms my anxious heart.” 

Calvin Howe, Kitimat, BC

Art that Heals

Ajanta’s Waterfall

~Crystal Geode Caves

Voices in the Sun

~Smooth Surface

The Dreaming Peony

~Crystal Geode Caves

Traveling Through Time

~Heirloom Collection

I invite you on a journey with the Heart of Fire and Ashes

Art that reflects your Spirit

What is a Living Urn Sanctuary…

​In my own personal life, the loss of my Father completely changed my life. It woke me up and prompted me to reach for my dreams and share my passion and message for healing through my Art.

Est. in 2018, I began developing a new style of resting place for your Loved One. Contemplating the life of someone dear to you should be uplifting with positive emotions, supportive and rich in memory and so, The Living Urn Sanctuary was born.

A Living Urn Sanctuary is a handcrafted Resin Wall Art Painting that commemorates and celebrates your Loved One or Pet by incorporating their ashes directly into a quality piece of Art. It will become a place of contemplation, a place of rest where the heart can celebrate your memories.

Tannis & her Creative Process

Creating art is a very sacred process to me that carries with it a potential for something new to arise in your Spirit. My pieces come to life and reveal stories, insights and puzzles that are ready to be heard by the listener.  My creative process provides me with deep intuitions and insights that emerge via my artistic medium.