Heirloom Collection

Release Love

Release Love


Resin & ashes

All pieces have an Artist crafted hardwood frames

The Release Love Collection represents the sheer love and honour a family can have for someone they have lost. The Spirit of them knocks on the door of your heart prompting you to want the very best for yourself and to be willing to do what it takes to release more love into your own heart and love yourself as much as you love them.




Vivante, Quartz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Paua shell, Fireglass, Ashes & Resin

Artist crafted Birch frame

A series focusing on the heart of the matter, going inward and giving yourself the quality of attention your heart is asking for and to trust in what supports you.




Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted Purple Heartwood frame

​Find comfort in the garden. The birds and flowers will remind you that you are alive and well. They assist you in remembering the nectar of life.




Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted Birch frame

Though difficulties and challenges arise, we have the choice to  be the Alchemist in our life by shifting the heavy stones in our hearts to gold and thrive.