Heirloom Collection

The Art of Receptivity

A place of Reflection



Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted contrasting Bloodwood and Birch hardwood  frame

May your heart & soul be fortified by listening quietly to the reflection that you experience.

Love Electric


26”x 20”x2”

Turquoise Angel Aura quartz, Quartz, fireglass & Ashes

Artist crafted Bloodwood hardwood frame

Lift your head to face your joy, for the electricity that once made you feel whole will return.

Heaven’s Voice



Angel Aura Quartz, Amethyst, Quartz, fireglass & ashes

Artist crafted Bloodwood hardwood frame

Our connection to Source energy, our higher selves, the part of us that has that clean clear vantage point comes through Ones’ self like a radio frequency of insight, vision & a knowing.




Resin & ashes

Artist crafted Bloodwood hardwood frame

Receptivity expresses in many forms. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you hear it, and sometimes it dances behind the background of your life with quiet power.