Living Urn Santuaries

Bringing a voice to the formless;

a bridge between worlds.

What is a Living Urn Sanctuary…

A Living Urn Sanctuary is a One of a Kind, commissioned, Artist crafted, Resin Wall Art Painting that incorporates your Loved Ones Ashes directly into the Art.

Sentimental jewellery and other small objects of meaning can be added in to further personalize your special piece. LED lighting can be a beautiful feature to illuminate your Art in the evening.

The concept of my Living Urn Sanctuaries has continued to evolve over the past several years and continues to offer comfort and peace through the bereavement process. It is a natural unfolding in the healing process, a way to let go through love and the creative spirit.

“The process was intuitive, filled with beauty, lots of tears, and a caring vulnerability that
I am confident only Tannis could embody.”

Lex Cooper, USA

How the Living Urn Sanctuary came to be…

When I found out my father was terminally ill with cancer in 2018, and close to his transition time, the idea of incorporating his ashes into my art practice and onto a canvass emerged. When we lose someone dear to us, the physical miss of their presence settles into our bones and it awakens things in us that we have never felt before.  Grief can be a great teacher if you let it. It can fortify your Spirit and over time and with contemplation, the sorrow will begin to soften.

My Father had tremendous grace in his last few months that touched me at my core. It ignited a passion in me to celebrate my life by honouring his life, not only as a daughter but as an artist. The concept of my ‘Living Urn Sanctuary’ has continued to evolve over the past several years and tuning into its natural unfolding.

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Living Urn Sanctuary

It is my intention to create a personalized experience throughout the entire creation process of your special piece.

If you don’t know where to start, it’s ok I will guide you through the process!