Heirloom Collections

My pieces are stories of time; the past, and future and wrapped into Now

Gallery: Heirloom Collections

Let your Spirit dance with the curious healing powers of art

Collections here focus on combinations of 3D Crystal Geode Caves and Smooth Surface styles commissioned by families who celebrate their lost loved One by incorporating their ashes into pieces of art that will be cherished for generations to come. They reflect the unique qualities and character of each family’s story.

Living Urn Sanctuary paintings can be created with or without the use of ashes.

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Cailen Speaks


The details in the these pieces reflect the qualities of a remarkable man who was dearly loved by many in this world. His love and connection for his family glows bright from the other side.

Release Love


The Release Love Collection represents the sheer love and honour a family can have for someone they have lost. The Spirit of them knocks on the door of your heart prompting you to want the very best for yourself and to be willing to do what it takes to release more love into your own heart and love yourself as much as you love them.

At New Heidt’s


Grace is the dance of the swans when they glide the surface of water. This collection honours the virtue of Grace.

Sunset Series


The Energy of this series is expressed through the language and relationship of the sun to the water and how it casts its light.

The Art of Receptivity


Receptivity comes in

The Cell: 3 Parts make the Whole


Family dynamics can play a huge role in the well being of your life. The intention with this piece is to fortify bonds that run through the Ancestral Line.