Crystal Geode Caves Style

Braiding Time: Earth’s Self Portrait

Braiding Time: Earth’s Self Portrait, 2023-2024

44”x 42” x 2” Artist crafted Maple frame
Resin, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Wood, Stone, Agate, Petrified wood
*One of a Kind -Limited

Braiding Time was a year and a half in the making and it truly was an unveiling process from beginning to end. As an artist, my inspiration is not derived in the external environment, but rather it is a Living Space that resides inside me that cycles energy to be expressed.

It felt like the Earth was asking me to create a version of her self portrait. It all started with the Hawk. Days later, the Polar Bear showed itself and from there, the rest of the animals, marking, memories, textures, visions and colours were being revealed.  Each day more of their stories and their wounds were being shown. Soon, the words came….


I am you

You are me

Me is Them.

Them is Us.

Us is They

They are We


Earth was saying “We have all been each other before. We are all made of the same substance in different ratios.” Braiding Time is about honouring and expressing Individuality while recognizing we are interconnected as One organism. An organism that is beyond sophisticated in its energy intelligence. It depicts simultaneous time, over lapping cultures, animals, and stones each consciously braided into the next.

This piece is to honour ALL those who came before us and ALL those that have come from the future to create this present now we live in. Everything you dream to be or experience may be discovered through a treasure seek from within.

Be Still. Pay attention to what you perceive through your lens, that is the indicator.