Crystal Geode Caves Style

Eternal Tides

Eternal Tides



Resin, quartz, smoky quartz, Rutilated quartz, pearls, fireglass & ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

The layers  of Humanity speak to me. The deepest layers reveal themselves for mere seconds then sink and return to their puzzle piece resting spot. The layers of Humanity are complex and intricately woven into the fabric we call our reality. They phase and pulse and alter in every second ensuring each moment is complete within its spectrum of energy. Nothing is black & white though it may finitely seem as such. The layers of Humanity speak to me…consider for a moment that the world you have constructed around yourself, is just that..a construction awaiting its inevitable tear down into authenticity. It’s a lot to swallow and not for the faint of Heart as it asks for a readiness. It pulls you inward…away…from it all.