Crystal Geode Caves Style


Surrender, 2024

Gold Bar Series
38”x 38”x 2” Artist crafted Birch frame
Resin, 81oz of crystals, Mica, Titanium Quartz, Gypsum Ice Selenite, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Pyrite

This piece is about learning to Surrender to the density of your bone.  It is a story about the fight you have with your own self and learning how to release the fragrance of your own value.  You truly are the only one standing in the way of feeling wholeness. Wholeness is not to be sought outside of yourself, for it is an illusion. Wholeness simply comes slowly over time, by showing up for yourself, even in the smallest of ways to foster a higher quality connection to your inner world. Your inner world is the origin of all new beginnings.

The moody sepia tones are layered over texture with ethereal, bone whites allowing for something raising out of the background. Depicted is the juxtaposition of the cradled minerals alluding to the rise of the face of your own worth, your own value.

You do carry within you, your own gold. We as a people withhold our gold and minerals from our own selves. Surrender represents the release of what has been locked up for so long.