Commissioned Works:

Smooth Surface Style

Art that becomes the Spirit’s language

Gallery: Smooth Surface Style

Designed specifically for you

A Gallery for you to explore previous Commissioned Art.  Pieces found here focus on the clean, contemporary style of the smooth surface look and reflect the unique qualities and character of each person or family’s story.




Resin & gold leaf

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

When you love someone, when they have been a part of your whole life for so long, you know no other. May this gift of adornment remind you of the beauty and abundance your life has brought to you through having known them.


Amethyst Mountains




Artist crafted 2 toned Purple Heart & Birch hardwood frame

This beautifully simple, spacious & contemporary piece was created around the energy of being present to your now moments.

I had the pleasure of working with Tannis to create my one of a kind piece of art. She patiently and thoughtfully considered me, my story and my passions. What she created exceeded my expectations. She captured my love for my son in such a beautiful way, words cannot explain it. The experience from start to finish was wonderful. The beauty of the piece speaks for itself, add the handmade frame with embossed logo…every detail is special. I will treasure this piece forever and each time I look at it, I smile-inside and out. Thank you, Tannis
Karen Leduc Garner, Renton, WA

Voices in the Sun



Resin & Ashes

Artist crafted Purple Heart hardwood frame

This piece was created for a family who formed their bond in the arctic. It is celebrating the life of those who they have most cherished allowing them to speak their peace through the voice of the sun.


Island of Pearls



Resin, vintage pearls & ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

There are times in your life you are touched by the story and love of others. Creating this piece moved my soul. It is a story of love from long ago, now being reunited, reinterpreted and remembered for all its beauty. She is his Island of pearls.

If there was one thing I could take from my home in a moments notice, that was not a family member or a pet, I would have to say it would be this incredible piece of art that Tannis put her heart, soul, and energy into creating. To know that my Mother and Father are together again in this piece, and that every time I look at it, it brings me such peace and calms my anxious heart. I couldn’t have imagined this to turn out the way it did. Tannis spent one on one time with me, listening to my story about my loss, offering suggestions about what she could do and listened carefully to my wants and hopes for this piece. She took all that away with her and created something I will treasure for the rest of my life and can pass down to my son and his family for generations to come. It’s so beautiful, and so very special, so much better than ashes in a box! Thank you so much Tannis, you are truly an amazing person and a very talented artist!  
Calvin Howe, Kitimat, BC





Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

Deep within One’s self lives an original truth found in the fabric of creation. It’s vibrant intelligence invited it’s kiss through the language if sensing. Sensing beyond the physical worlds where matter is made of eternal living light. Travel inward through the deep water openings if the Senotes and discover your truth.

This was the first piece of intuitive art I had ever purchased. I wanted a piece that reflected the dynamics of my family so Tannis and I discussed the colors I felt encapsulated my family members and the feelings I wanted the piece to capture … love, strength, resilience, and compassion.

We opened it on Christmas morning and we fell in love with what we saw. Our piece invited us to lose ourselves in the movement and depths of the gorgeous colors.

It hangs above our kitchen table and we enjoy it every day. I love when people visit our house and are drawn to this piece. They study it and everyone sees something different inside the colors and shapes.

Alyson Byrne, Kitimat, BC

Salt of the Earth



Resin & Ash

Artist crafted Birch frame

This clean, contemporary piece is an ode to a very old fur soul named Meesha.



A reclamation piece



Copper leaf foil edging on reclaimed lumber

Through the electricity of the sky you will always find your way home.

Underwater Galactic Kiss




Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

I sat quietly with millions of little tiny resin dots arranging them until they danced and kissed.

White Eagle Heart Rising




Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

White eagle heart takes flight, wings broad, open sky, open heart.


The Gateway: I’m on Fire




Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

When change takes hold, be ready for the ride of your life as your soul will ignite like a flame.

The Reef



Resin & ashes

Artist crafted Birch Hardwood frame

The reef is the gateway into the unknown. Taking a step and trusting the process to unfold as it should.

Big Sky



Resin & ashes

Artist crafted Birch hardwood frame

The space of a big sky and the grand nature of the earth can invoke wonder in the heart, it can heal, and guide one through tremendous loss. It can be a place of rest where the heart can simply breathe and know that all that return to the earth will find their way home.